The main aim of ACE is to produce a website resource that provides information on places, walks and recreational opportunities with disabled access for each of the counties of England and Wales.

A Secondary aim for ACE is to promote ‘disabled access’ in the countryside and the wider publication of ‘accessible’ information in general.

This is currently a private project which has no funding. The idea for ACE came about after I was impressed by the disabled access on a walking trail I had been on – as a long time walker this struck me as so unusual that I started to look into the availability of accessible places. The first thing that hit me was the multitude of terms, the lack of conformity and generally the lack of published information. After seeing that there was no central register or directory for ‘accessible’ countryside sites I decided to do something about it.

At this point I did look at putting a charity together but there were a number of problems, finding committed people to give up their time, the amount of administration in putting a charity together and getting it approved by the Charities Commission and then the time and effort needed to put in bids for funding. I decided that it was better to make a start, use my time productively and (maybe foolishly) hope that funding would be easier to get once there was something up and running not just a plan on paper. Ah well . . .

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