Lack of accessibility Info (on UK websites)

It this year of the London Olympics it is sad to see that so many top brand names in the hospitality industry (particularly some of the big pub chains) do not provide accessibility info on their websites. What will disabled visitors think of this country?

Of course I would implore all service providers large and small to provide accessibility info as a mater of course and I will continue to support those who do and cajole those that don’t.

I would like site owners to be proud of their efforts to provide accessibility and put it up front on the first page, sadly when it is provided it can be hidden away under additional info or an access statement document.

In researching this site I have found local authority and tourist sites that make the effort to tell you which beach you can walk your dog on but make no effort to publish which are wheelchair accessible. This is just not good enough!

There are many good examples of websites providing accessibility info and where I can I include this and links to their websites. For all those that make the effort I thank you and applaud your efforts, for those that don’t I can only ask “why not?

If you are looking for wheelchair or buggy accessible countryside, accessible places to eat, or stay, disabled sport or support and family organisations in England and Wales use this link to visit the ACE website

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